New Beach passes will be sent each year after your dues have been paid.

If you are new to the neighborhood, please write to request your beach passes.

Please read below for all Beach Requirements and Etiquette.


White Birch Lakes Beach Requirements

Each family receives beach passes 

  • The beach pass must be displayed for easy viewing when at the beach – on your beach bag, blanket or chair.

Please be reminded that residents must accompany their guests so please do not give your passes to non-residents.   If you are meeting your non-resident friends at the beach, please arrive before them or meet at your home.

We are asking all residents to help patrol the beach.   If you see someone you don’t know, ask to see their pass, their name and where they live.  Please don’t be offended is someone asks to see your pass, you may meet a new neighbor.  Ask them to leave if they do not live here.  If they refuse to leave, you can call the Hawthorn Woods police to assist at 847-438-2349.

Once the association dues have been paid, the beach passes will be mailed by our bookkeeper.

Beach and Lake Etiquette

We would like to remind residents of beach and lake etiquette. Parents, please make sure your teenage and young adult children know and follow proper beach etiquette.

  • Your music should be enjoyed by your individual group, not everyone on the lake, so no loud music please.
  • There are families with children enjoying the beach and lakes so please don’t use profanity.
  • All beach apparel worn must be family appropriate because we are a family beach.
  • There is no smoking of any kind allowed at the beach. There have been reports of bongs, weed and underage drinking. None of these should be at the beach.
  • There have been instances of fish hooks found in the sand and on the grass at the beach so please fish away from the sandy beach area. Please remember no live bait except worms. Fishing between the beach and the boat launch is okay.
  • Please observe the quiet time of 9 pm to 9 am on the lake; remember your voices carry across the water.
  • Please observe the beach hours of sunrise to sunset.