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Lakes Update June 7th, 2023

Both lakes were treated June 7th. There are no restrictions.

They were both previously treated on May 24, just two weeks ago. The unseasonably warm temperatures and drought have made it very difficult to get ahead of the algae. We are treating as frequently as allowed and more than normal yet the lakes are not responding well. We are scheduled for the next treatment in two weeks. A period of cooler temperatures and a good rain would help stabilize the lakes.


Our community beach got a major upgrade in the fall of 2018. Thanks Chuck and team. The upgrade will provide lasting improvements and easier use. See the pictures !. The project completion was celebrated with a wine and cheese party.


One of the great joys of living in our neighborhood for many of us is catching some of the abundant fish in our lakes.

Lakes health

As homeowners, whether on one of the lakes or not, we all benefit from the lakes in home values and we all contribute to the health of the lakes by what we do.


With the buildup of houses around the lakes and the surrounding neighborhoods that have run off that makes it to our lakes, we have seen a significant negative impact on our lakes water quality in recent years. The Lakes committee is actively working to improve the water quality of both lakes.