Preserving the Long Term Health of our Lakes Do’s and Don’ts


  • Minimize storm water runoff around your house directly entering lakes
  • Minimize salt use in winter to melt ice
  • Protect shoreline with deep rooted native plants
  • Protect shoreline with boulders, rocks, or rip rap
  • Protect inlets to the lakes by using stone or other methods to prevent storm water sediments from reaching our lakes
  • Do use desirable native wetland plants along shore.
  • Do minimize erosion by maintaining banks and beaches with a pitch less than 3 degrees.


  • Don’t Dump! Never allow yard waste or other debris to enter lakes i.e. compost, pet waste, chemicals
  • Don’t allow landscapers to blow grass clippings, leaves, etc. into the lake
  • Don’t use lawn fertilizers that contain phosphorous, pesticides, and avoid application before a rain event
  • Don’t have open soil around lakes shoreline